A two generation from the rich to the negative of the entrepreneurial process of the two generation

I always believe they often listen to the words of the elders said: "don’t be afraid to write their own is not good, as long as you dare to write someone dare to watch" I’m not afraid of what other people think of me, so I write well you don’t blame me! I was just an ordinary rural children. Just a 18 year old adult children. Talk about those things in the SEO network with friends, every time someone says that I admire me, so small it will think so much, when he Shijiduo age do not know why. This will soon see 2013, and I want to graduate from junior high school to some of the experiences of the short written out, share those bitter journey.

I am 10 years on the third day, during this time of junior middle school, with the students every day is idle, fight (but never offend others, others make us first, ha ha!), class toilet smoking, nothing to fight against the teacher, teachers and leaders, also played the principal. Ha ha in the school is big brother level! Did not expect such a flash three years have passed, the third graduating soon, everyone started talking about doing after graduation, where to go. And I do not know why, the background is not good at home, so confused. In fact, we used is relatively rich, remember when I was seven or eight years old, three Taitung windmill home, there is a small company in Dongguan, the village is our home is two and a half story building, the other is a layer or is the least good, millions of assets, at the time there then hundreds of thousands is wealthy, such a life is richer, because dad is kind of trust good times don’t last long, his cousin, betrayed him, the company collapsed, wages did not send it, to sell the car, everywhere to borrow money wages, remember that one morning, there are three employees in order to pay take a knife rushed to my home to me for money, my dad had to go around to lend them money wages. The four brothers in our family, my father is very heavy burden, let us go home to study a few brothers, the family only grandparents to take care of us, then there is no tuition, as long as the payment of 6 yuan medical expenses. The near 04 years of time because of a cement factory to open a branch in our village, area of thousands of square, will be imposed on our land, the corrupt political Fu swallowed a lot of thought, Grandpa did not culture, bully my grandpa, my grandpa still teach in Japan (I do not know what is because in the past that is what the old landlord to shoot), spent several years in the prison. The results with Zheng Fu played two case law is for people to decide, we win, the mayor was removed from office for 06 years, Dad went back home, holding the money for compensation to open a small toy factory, because rural farm, a year not what time is to at leisure, people move to the factory, business is not good.

see I was also a junior high school graduation, it is necessary to raise the high school exam, but what they want to do after graduation to delay the exam, the results are not qualified. Take (family report) the moment report card home, I was disturbed in particular, for fear of the family will do anything to me, especially my strict, fooling softhearted dad, afraid of him playing "

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