Lele the first half of February 2008 (02.18-02.24) Commission and bonus will be settled today

alliance members Hello everyone!

The fourth week of February 2008 (02

18 -02 24) and "cash rebate Commission ringtones" activities will be held today (2008 02 bonus 25 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account, if you are in 02 month 29 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32

invoice please note the following:

1, invoice for the local tax service invoices can be.

2, the rise of writing: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. content:

3, please receive the invoice as soon as possible, thank you for your support and cooperation!

4, please indicate your ID number on the invoice, which is helpful for us to verify

invoice mailing address: B, Beijing District, Haidian District, 1 times Jin Yuan Road Shopping Center office building 1509

zip code: 100097

Company Name: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. finance department received

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if you are a league Commissioner, please give me the latest information back to us, we are the first time to broadcast to everyone. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:[email protected]

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