Taobao customers make money questionable credibility

" Taobao xx" customers earn; articles filled with all kinds of media, I also have no doubt, but when their actual understanding and practice, deeply began to doubt these remarks, can only say that these stories say really too good.

Now this is Taobao

customers can earn post is to let a person feel do not, as if the sky out of money down as long as the bend to pick up on the line, my opinion is now clear, to say the network to make money, the most reputable and guaranteed or Google and Baidu advertising, alimama advertising that hang it is often 0 a few income, looks too shabby, is equal to no, I still believe in the possibility of network industry, advertising is far greater than the user point of advertising after the possibility of consumption, and now Taobao shops have put the price to kill to the extreme, the owner may start to accumulate popularity, willing to share a part of the interests of others, but will be long? To withdraw the withdrawal, you also have no temper, but that there are so many Taobao stores after the commission can have profit. Originally, the point is to earn meager profits, but also to the commission price is not higher than other stores, how difficult.

I’m not suspected of Taobao customers to a monthly income of tens of thousands just feel so overwhelming, but misleading propaganda, I don’t know how many webmaster because read this article was impatient and abandoned their original direction to try Taobao customers, I think Taobao guest is a kind of advertisement, itself should not be content. On the value of the user on the network is limited, so much of the special guest Taobao website, of little value, rather than spend the effort, do the high quality content, give the user some real value. (/Clickstorm, this article is a personal view of webmaster)

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