Click Wangzhuan novice to join the new traps need to be cautious

click Wangzhuan is in a China higher active component, suitable for beginners, can quickly make money experience happiness. But Chinese click Wangzhuan is one of many of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, in which fraud. Recently because of some stations charge a membership upgrade fee much now spend money to upgrade raise a Babel of criticism of senior members, fewer people. A new form of deception is starting to emerge, which may be more subtle, as well as upgrading senior members.

is the typical six referral commission click Wangzhuan, head of the operation process is like this: first launched a free upgrade plan, good upgrade senior member, a few simple examples, this is a website publicity: "send promotional activities continue to open membership: the promotion of 20 ordinary members for upgrade 1 star members, 60 ordinary members for promotion to upgrade 2 star members, 120 ordinary members for promotion to upgrade 3 members, promote 240 ordinary members upgraded to 4 members, promotion of 600 ordinary members to upgrade to 5 star members, the members enjoy the same promotion gift random referral treatment, we refuel, 1 star member with 10 seconds of advertising 10000 2 star members donated 10 seconds advertising 30000 times 3 membership giving 10 seconds advertising 50000 times 4 Membership giving 10 seconds advertising 70000 times 5 star membership giving 10 seconds advertising 120000" , it seems very normal ah, the development of the first line is to develop their own higher income, two is free to get a random offline, and the three is to click the score increase. Make friends in order to achieve the purpose of upgrading, desperate publicity, webmaster in laugh, this is the world’s most cost-effective promotion plan, your website may appear in the forum or QQ countless, get a lot of traffic in a short period of time, to a certain time to put some advertising popups what, a lot of earn money that is the window owners earn money. So this kind of soup do not change to do the same. You may not be able to receive money, waste of time wasted energy, maybe your computer will be bounced.

A case of

station and in front of the second strokes also quite similar, but not by money pop webmaster. The general situation is the introduction of free upgrade program, in order to celebrate the opening of the site launched a discount program. "* * * Wangzhuan at 18 o’clock on March 14th to open on time, registered to send 10 Fen, send 100 star members! Click change score, click the highest 3 points, 0.5 yuan to pay." One hundred members are free to upgrade as a standard, the ghost knows how many free VIP members he wants to send. Most of the friends do not have to be able to pull off the assembly line, so I hope the free upgrade, get a free free referrals. Do you want to upgrade? As long as you registered a website according to the requirements of the station, as it is now more popular PC eggs, yo landlords, YILUFA chess game like, register a level, registered five rise five. Attractive ah, plus not ridiculously high price so many click make friends in droves, the time of this station is only a week or so, the owners will pay part of a member, then what business or simply.

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