Reveal secrets of an unknown website

There are millions of ways to make money on the site, many people even heard that have not heard of, today announced a look at everyone.

the electronic commerce website is the so-called B2B platform, is a completely free, free registration, free information, free of charge. How do you make a profit for a free website? No

1 of his site was the major search engines, it is almost every website can do nothing.

2 his website popularity can also, because it is free.

3 so his website updates faster, each user posted a message is updated once.

4 so his website search engine is more attention, some search engines included hundreds of thousands of pages.

Hundreds of thousands of pages of

1 indexed by search engines are enterprise information

2 when some search keywords associated with the enterprise will log on to these pages

3 these words are closely related to the business of marketing

4 these words are not popular keywords

5 so the search results can be routed to the front

6 so it will not cause the attention of the search engines, it will not be K

7 so the search result position is good, enterprises also need not pay to search engine

8 they achieved better marketing results, they are willing to pay for this effect

1 access site access records, attention from the search engines to access records.

2 according to keywords visiting records, query the corresponding page

3 record corresponding page enterprise information

4 sends business E-MAIL, told: (to be a friend, keep secrets)

5 waiting for money


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