What are the wonderful products on Taobao for us

human nature there are many weaknesses, such as Buddhism called "poison three primary afflictions"…… These weaknesses caused a lot of demand, many times, we are paying for the weaknesses of human nature. Taobao is a wonderful place, the wonderful thing is that we can not think of things, the seller can think of and sell out, some sellers really understand human nature.

in the previous article: "the electricity supplier must see where there is fear, there is gold, there is" profiteering because cited examples of special individual readers caused misunderstanding, so it is necessary to muchun say, or not, either read, his performance is not reliable, interpret out of context. Now wood spring analysis of the five Taobao products on a special example, are closely related to the buyer’s psychology, I hope you can bring inspiration.

first, the use of vanity products

vanity is what I understand is not honest to face their own, in order to "do not lag behind others," swollen face fat man performance. For example, Zhang Erdan saw colleagues to buy train tickets to show off their phone, in order to prove that they can, so the price for cattle bought a ticket……

vanity everyone has, but everyone is not the same place of vanity.

Taobao wonderful example:


is selling like, actually can sell so much, and now people are so lack of sense of presence? In the first two years, there is a product called "iPhone fire QQ online generation hang", can be said to be the human vanity by acme, mosquito leg meat is also


however, this customer is too low, the children are, but also the sense of self value is not high, the child, do their business, does not earn much trouble, interested friends can point to some high-end mining. The use of vanity to do business everywhere, we can pay attention to careful attention can be found, but do not do low-end customers.

two, the use of celebrity effect, follow the trend of psychological products do

A. is Korean woman, each fire Han can give the domestic Internet friends bring a lot of opportunities, for example, in the webmaster era, a Korean star or a special website, every day white picked up a lot of traffic, and now, it is to pick up the fans star with a time of opportunity.


how to pick up the fans? The simplest is to build a star fans exchange group, and then to the Post Bar forum or other group propaganda, skills properly, can quickly fill up, then push the star the same paragraph in the group; or, directly open the Taobao store, selling the same paragraph, doshop to optimization. Post Bar, star group, direct promotion forum.

does not worry about no customers, look at the picture above to know, because the stars are beautiful with the money, but also follow the trend

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