Wangzhuan Wangzhuan analysis is far beyond people’s imagination

know how to access each person should know Wangzhuan meaning, but how many people can really understand the meaning of Wangzhuan, another point is how many people can really win the first gold Wangzhuan? I was almost 3 years of birds, others dare not say, for optimization, for Wangzhuan how, Wangzhuan or have research more! At the beginning, I don’t even know what is higher, a friend said to me you can Wangzhuan day tens of thousands, I was shocked, think it is absolutely a joke when listening to it. But slowly, I began to look at that time Wangzhuan, analysis of them, there are several aspects can earn money, such as pornography, gambling, lottery, PW and so on, but I finally decided it industry, began to delve into this piece, but it’s not easy, a website code if you don’t understand, that white blind! But I don’t advocate learning code program several years to do, because you learn, what have been too late!

I choose the

PW industry is demon, the demon 8888my construction, but the light of the site is not enough, no traffic, no popular site with the dead station and trash no difference. I want to how to get traffic at first? The most basic method is to website ranking, because nobody is willing to go on in the back of the site, and then I began to learn a new stage, how to make the website ranking. The methods used are: the chain, soft, promotion, etc.

in a few months, my 8888 to the first Baidu and Google first, inside the next few months, all of the search engine is the first one, which made me very happy, this is my first pot of gold is a gift! And let me very surprised!

then I do you for more than 1 years old, because to be honest, do you really tired, if you have a good temper, no patience, no good energy to it or not to do it, because will be tired out of breath! The iron man exception. Haha. Make a little joke!


PW industry, could not do for a lifetime, but also because the pursuit is not the same, began to study, other Wangzhuan project, to be honest, Wangzhuan projects and networking opportunities, is really too much, it is important to see whether you can find, as long as you can find the door. That’s a way to the light!

I have done a lot of websites, and now I really can not count, such as: pets, entertainment, military, portals, etc.. But from the first, do the website are normal! Because the regular practical, regular easy! A friend told me, did Sifu station, if do normal station, it is absolutely the master! But I don’t think so, because someone outside the person, there is day outside! No one can say that they are the master, but I can say that

is a novice!

later I helped my friend make a stand!

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