mprove the site traffic

Improve the site traffic!!!

a first and talk about feelings:When

also studied several months of engine knowledge, fortunately, a few months of hard and finally were not in vain, to the flow of the engine has been stable in thousands of IP. and so on the engine after a few months. However, overnight Baidu actually blocked many pages, only tens of thousands of pages a few pages! Pain ah! (for a day, is to understand why, on him is not a permanent solution, the initial concern is to become a reality)! Fortunately, I feel even more carefully, through their own efforts, 35 days to make up for the loss of the flow of Baidu over!

two point: website promotion (site traffic increase):

flow so several aspects: General background!

1 search engine

2 ad exchange

3 paid advertising

5 links


1 search engines: I do not want to say this, there are a lot of master forum published a good many aspects of the content of engine promotion! The engine must not be ignored, this is a very important step, the size of the engine is landing station must (not only Baidu, GOOGLE, 3721 and 163, QQ, Sun Wukong and so on to flow together, a lot of): rich web content, improve website content update frequency, not January an article, engine does not value you, insist that every update more than 10 articles, you will find that you will be more than you can imagine in the engine ranking!

2 ad exchange! Now there are a lot of online or large or small, formal and informal advertising exchange. I analyzed a movie station, he has more than 5000IP per day is to give advertising! Of course, this general station can not do, in order to point into the multi point must be more! But practice has proved that the advertising company is also a way to improve the flow of advertising

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