09 liar secret point advertising to collect money to join the fee

In 2009

successfully destroyed the world through " " marketing organization, but also exposed a new network fraud model, making money by clicking on ads, and joining fees. In fact, click on the ads to make money, in a foreign country is a real and effective way of wangzhuan. At present, there are many foreign projects, his advantage is completely free, simple operation, high income.

but when this model developed into China, it has changed a lot. The first is the emergence of the world through other fees to join, and then point advertising to make money model, and the use of pyramid schemes to promote the development of. Point of advertising seems to have become a cover, but in fact is the guise of pyramid schemes.

the model for members to join must pay a certain fee, such as domain name fees, space costs, mobile phone software costs, etc. (are the cover, nothing more than to charge). After paying, according to the cost of 10 Fen or more per click to pay, usually by pure advertising, perhaps a year to earn back the cost you pay. So in order to make a quick return, you will definitely get your friends to join you. Because they still use a multi-level promotion model, which is the promotion of pyramid schemes. In fact, it can be seen here, they do not want to let members of the point of advertising to make money, but only for the development of a model of pyramid selling means.

is this the money point of advertising, also can not kill a stick. Because the country does have an individual point of advertising to make money projects, such as 58 ad network, etc.. We distinguish the liar and the real money making projects, we must first see whether charges. Because most of the crooks are by way of charging a certain amount of profit, and then the development of pyramid schemes. Another point is to look at the history of the site, generally about 3 years of history of the site, the credibility is good. If only a few months, it is necessary to be careful, because it is likely not to pay you the cost of.

if you want to prevent fraud, sesame or that sentence, not petty, Wangzhuan is not so simple for nothing, but also to pay efforts. Therefore, those projects are very good treatment, it is likely to be deceptive. Secondly, is to have a certain network foundation, know how to identify this site. There are many methods such as recognition, to see if the site’s reputation in search of Google (most that can, if not, a little ill but may be false), check out this site of history, in addition to the record department see this website whether or not a legal record, is a recognition of the quality of the site condition.

if you do not understand anything, you can contact sesame qq:470784782 detailed discussion.

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