Do Taobao off for more than a year more than 2000 experience sharing easy monthly income

I was in March 2010 officially started Taobao off, before doing is the most basic kind of Wangzhuan project, such as questionnaire, foreign PTC, the half time, it also received several hundred dollars, I feel very tired. Until one day with a peer chat, he said he did not do the questionnaire now, Taobao started off, I looked at the Taobao customer website he do, site is zblog program + product that has a slimming, freckle, breast enhancement, time out curious and asked him one day how much money? He shot to me, I was scared, I see him every day more than 400 of the income was very high income for me. After the event, I chatted with him a few times, a general understanding of how Taobao is one thing, how to make money.

in the beginning, I went to Baidu, the NetEase had long blog post, and then went to several forums, like the 19 floor, 55 discount, after posting, so every day to see if there is a continuous income, see a week, did not see a penny, the last is a bit impatient the guest of Taobao, in the end can not make money to feel some doubts, so to never go. Until one day I happened to think about the guest login account but found that the account which was actually more out of 20 yuan of money, remember very clearly from the one called eight heart eight arrow jewelry earned 20 yuan Commission, although rarely, but it makes me see hope, to verify the customer really Taobao you can earn money.


revenue chart as of May 8th


six consecutive days of income chart

so, I began to like a friend, to apply for a domain name, bought a space, but also made a single product stand really started my Taobao guest road. The first 1 months before the site did not rank, as can be imagined, so there is no natural flow, there is no deal, then I already know some knowledge of SEO, I have to do is through the SEO web site keywords optimization up, and then reach a deal. I know, SEO to get a good ranking will continue to do the chain and the original, so every day I will be a couple of original or high quality pseudo original, some can send the chain site or BBS links every day, less than 2 months, my ranking quickly on the home page, and a lot of related keywords are on the home page, slowly flow from several IP to dozens, then hundreds of IP, a natural flow will soon be sold. In the process of the optimization of the rankings, I constantly improve the user experience, some of the details can change I have to be changed to the satisfaction, soon, my efforts were not in vain, from a few days to a single, slowly turned into two or three days of a single, now and then every day, even one day. A single, a month from the original two hundred or three hundred to the current two thousand or three thousand slowly. I am very happy, because Taobao guest for a year, my feeling is Taobao guest you

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