WeChat Survival Handbook how to tighten after the operation



Zhang Xiaolong hand after the knife fell, WeChat arena how mixed?


| Zheng Jiangbo

housewife fast food WeChat operating system hung, hung up suddenly, hanging thoroughly. WeChat adjusted in November 29, 2012 night at 8:30, Zhang Xiaolong knife, a public account of the content editing rights to recover, provides a unified graphic news editor, the public account no longer need to be made web links, accordingly, such as fast food, V5, housewives push poly WeChat WeChat and three party content operation platform is seckill.

"don’t report it, it has failed." In the early morning of November 30th, the founder of housewife fast food told reporters. Just a few days ago, he had just seen a Jingwei venture capital investors, then accepted the "entrepreneur" interview with reporters, he describes many of the future planning and business plan, eager for a fight, ready to make a big fight.


before the public platform adjustment, public account operators can through the third party operation platform, has been programmed to easily push each other accounts, share a key to a circle of friends, the formation of similar to the micro-blog marketing play. WeChat’s adjustment to the marketing account is a clear warning: micro-blog in the WeChat play does not open.

"from now on, quiet circle of friends, should see only a few post, a few days ago too noisy." Zhang Xiaolong then wrote in the circle of friends. The so-called "God to destroy, they first make mad, crazy beautiful and mogujie.com two public account became the initiator of evil events. They induce users forwarding in character and age of testing, viral marketing, the circle of friends for a time the noise anomaly, a lot of people are maxed out all kinds of test page.

it all came to an abrupt end with the adjustment of WeChat. According to WeChat internal news, said the beautiful, mogujie.com has received the punishment banned for 15 days. For the two has become the size of the company, it may do not matter, but for those students to marketing as a grassroots account, this is undoubtedly a blow and a shout, an unnamed WeChat marketing of "entrepreneur" said: "I feel very desperate, like our non authentication account, can not see in our Home Association account, if you cancel and push each other to a circle of friends to share, let us how to accumulate fans."

This is the official

"across the board, there are a lot of regular manslaughter on the phenomenon, also does not provide any evidence, we hope government can formulate corresponding rules." The entrepreneur’s voice in WeChat grassroots marketing account is absolutely typical. Then things out, many grassroots dare not send things, afraid to send something with profound respect and humility, violated a key official to be killed, many fans think WeChat is not a small amount of account support grassroots, simply leave WeChat.

the other hand, before the stampede in entrepreneurs. "

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