2017 three new board ten guess market liquidity is expected to be improved, the rhythm of the listin

listed companies from the new frequency, the past three years, the market for a large change in the new three board market rhythm. Late last year, in late April and early August of this year is the peak of the three listed, especially in early August, the frequency of the listing suddenly accelerated. August second weeks, third weeks, the first week of the number of new listing and even ranked in the first three new board listing the number of weeks before the new listing of the top three.

lianxun securities according to the 2016 three new board market performance, and the understanding of the market and the judgment, ten outlook and conjecture gives 2017 three new board market.

1, dividend policy to accelerate, 2017 is expected to fully landed

The implementation of

layered scheme, the subsequent introduction of new rhythm was slowing, for a period of time, strengthen the supervision of regulators issued policy has become the dominant ideas, bonus system to find its trace, however this late in the three quarter changes gradually.

September 1st, the State Council executive meeting proposed to improve the new three board trading mechanism, 20, the State Council issued a document again, referring to improve the new three board trading mechanism, directed at liquidity problems. And in the three quarter of the State Council also mentioned the "strengthening the new board financing function" and "Specification for three new board development", the national level has resorted to a policy of "combined" in three aspects: three new board financing, regulatory and trade requirements, which shows the degree of attention to the national top three new board.

performance downturn, market positioning is not clear at the moment the new three board market in the second half, the top countries are able to timely assistance was the meaning behind it. From the national level to describe the new three long-term development of firm support attitude to the new board listed companies, regulators and investors are a shot in the arm, so we also have reason to launch of three new future dividend policy is full of confidence and expectations.

Since the

in the three quarter, regulators also frequent moves, and the State Council echoed. Relevant departments of the Commission in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, the relevant departments of the brokerage, investment institutions, listed companies conducted intensive research, to listen to the views and suggestions of the market. In September 20th, relevant departments of the national share transfer system "stratified differentiation system" and "trading system" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three held a forum to listed companies, investors and research institutions to solicit opinions.

addition to changes in the regulatory thinking, the new three board market positioning is also an important factor to promote the gradual promotion of the system to accelerate the pace of the introduction of a bonus. In the three quarter of this year, the new three board market positioning is not clear the problem highlights, a direct impact on the rhythm of the regulatory reform, the reform of the new three board market is expected to target and direction there is a big uncertainty. After the three quarter, with the regulators to conduct a series of market research and discussion, the new three board market positioning direction has been gradually clear. In the new three board market positioning, the Commission and the stock transfer company gives a clear definition: three new board is positioned in the institutional investor based securities trading venues, is a public transfer of the focus

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