One year history of Entrepreneurship from his debt to the elite people down

note: a truly successful people will be through difficulties of grinding, through various tests, only the glow of peculiar brilliance. Jayson Gaignard is this kind of person, but his disappointments are cast together: business partners, the company funds were frozen treachery……. But he did not change the integrity of character, the courage to invest their own network, finally started MastermindTalks successful counter attack.

Jayson Gaignard really feel badly battered. The credit card bill number has high to high, the page would turn for a long time. He looked at those with their own online ticketing company Tickets Canada a large number of related transaction cost records, suddenly stupid, all at sea is completely puzzled, he did not know what to make of these transactions.

the reason is simple, that he did not approve these transactions. In fact, his business partner Cuantao, stole the Gaignard credit card worth 120 thousand tickets, and the secret to sell, leaving him a bear huge bills, clean up the mess scorched by the flames.

however, it pours, this is just the beginning.

stolen, payment processing personnel of this company to implement inexplicable policy changes, reset the Gaignard permissions, made it clear that he had no right to call the Tickets Canada reserve accounts of revenue.

overnight, his income has shrunk dramatically. In this regard, the staff explained that before the Gaignard account was thoroughly reviewed (must be, because the treatment of people who had made a similar mistake earlier), Tickets Canada funds will have been frozen.

in other words, in just one month, Gaignard watched the original 5 million of the annual income of the company into a pool of stagnant water, oneself on the back of the huge debt of 250 thousand, because he repeatedly used personal credit card to fund the company most of the business. To add insult to injury, he had to raise his daughter for four months and the wedding was a month away. He recalled: "it seems that all bad things are coming together, I soon felt overwhelmed by the."

flash, three years later, the 30 year old Gaignard had debt pressure drop, and a host of MastermindTalks activity All seats are occupied. (an invitation only entrepreneurs can participate in high-end activities, is committed to the formation and expansion of world class talent exchange network and help the founder of world-class entrepreneurs through contact with top experts including [] to improve myself). But it’s easy to say that such a successful change is a joke.

"my brain is Ferrari, but no gasoline

before Gaignard was transformed into an excellent TED presenter, deep >

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