Yang Zhiyuan entrepreneurs over look at the revaluation is dangerous


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

see Yang Zhiyuan again.

Silicon Valley Palo Alto Four Seasons Hotels, the sky under a thick drizzle, held here with seven capital of Ideas Summit annual meeting. A tall middle-aged man hurried into the hotel lobby, no umbrella with rain. This is Yang Zhiyuan.

surprisingly, the net worth of nearly $2 billion Internet pioneer they drove to Four Seasons Hotels, but not directly to the car parked in front of the hotel, and other distinguished guests like valet parking, but stopped in the parking lot and then ran a few tens of meters into the big hall.

‘That’ s OK (nothing)." See other people’s surprised eyes, low-key humble he is very easy-going smile. The co-founder of YAHOO since 2012 resigned from all positions in YAHOO, it rarely appeared in the media vision. Perhaps it is because of fond of playing golf at the age of 47, his body is still thin, the skin is California sun tanned.

back to twenty years ago, Yang Zhiyuan’s status is equivalent to the current Zuckerberg, founder of YAHOO, the age of 26, the company listed on the age of 28. YAHOO not only led the world into the era of the Internet, changing the entrepreneurial territory of Silicon Valley, but also pushed Yang Zhiyuan to the position of the era of innovation leader. This is so far the highest achievement of Chinese Americans in the field of science and technology. Yang Zhiyuan (born in Chinese Taiwan, at the age of 10, immigrated to Silicon Valley in San jose.

)After leaving

YAHOO, Yang Zhiyuan founded the venture capital fund AME Cloud Ventures in 2012, focusing on data related to the field of cloud services and value chain venture capital investment. Online data show that more than four years, AME has completed a total of more than and 100 investment, involving the seeds from the turn of the D round. In addition, he also served as director of Alibaba, Lenovo and many other companies.

The rare

Yang Zhiyuan at a public event, partly because he and seven capital managing partner Xu Liangjie met for many years, on the other hand also because of AME and seven capital investment cooperation several transactions. In fact, ten years ago, Yang Zhiyuan Ma on the historic investment is reached in the match of the Xu Liangjie.

golf course investment Ali

YAHOO announced in 2005 to invest $1 billion to Alibaba, plus the valuation of $700 million YAHOO China, Alibaba has a stake of 40%. Although Yang Zhiyuan did not serve as YAHOO CEO, but the deal was completed under the instructions of the YAHOO chief. Yang Zhiyuan served as YAHOO CEO in 2007-2009.


this transaction will help Ma Alibaba will become China’s electricity supplier giant, but also to YAHOO has brought huge returns. This is perhaps the most successful investment by US companies in China so far. Alone in 2012, YAHOO sold Ali shares through cash 7>

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