Laundry O2O two entrepreneurial logic, convenience is good or pay attention to it

Abstract: home laundry is a typical product of the lazy economy, the field of entrepreneurs face a choice: what is the user need fast platform, or more personalized service



popular door-to-door service to meet almost all the requirements in the "lazy" group on the basic necessities of life. Even wash clothes this thing, you can no longer rely on the doorstep of the laundry line, but all packaged in a low price, convenient way to enjoy the service of the dry cleaners. Rongchang e bag wash 99 dollars to wash bag "mode, completely ignited the market.

in many laundry O2O entrepreneurs, have adopted the line of stores to join, such as e bags wash; others self logistics, only take delivery service, such as Tactic washing; some people think O2O was born to do laundry industry vertical services, rather than the platform.

so for laundry O2O this thing, in the end we need to experience the convenience of the platform, or personalized vertical service?

platform players: only fast break, quality control is the biggest problem

in the platform class startups, the most typical model to the number of e bag wash. To take the way to join the store, the line will be connected to the laundry, to provide a unified standard, and then sell at very low prices.

logistics in the way they take crowdsourcing, the community’s idle resources to take full advantage of the district aunt, with spare time part-time staff, etc., it has become a logistics and distribution solutions.

and for the e bag wash, it is not the biggest advantage of the light asset operation, but in the real sense of the creation of a low-cost laundry, according to the charges of the laundry era. E bags wash founder Zhang Rongyao believes that the traditional laundry is charged according to different material cost of the service is not in line with the characteristics of the era of mobile Internet products, it should be more convenient and fun mobile Internet era should have qualities, so e wash bags changed the past pricing, charges by volume.

market soon gave the bag wash this innovative model feedback, many laundry O2O entrepreneurs have also been simulated. In their view, it can be really good to let the non-standard products into standardized products. E home to send the founder of the boat, said, with bags can save the time of logistics personnel and reduce the threshold of the single person".

however, the platform for the operation of light assets, it is the way to wash bags and stores to join, to increase the difficulty of quality control platform.

for the laundry the traditional line, in addition to outside chain brand, the more the number of couples is store form, when there is a laundry needs high technology content, may be due to equipment, technology and space, and not very good to meet. And the quality of the store under the line and the existence of uneven situation, >

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