Gates if drop out again, will choose these three areas

Bill · Gates is probably the most famous dropout. In 1975 he gave up his studies at Harvard, the top university, and founded Microsoft, and later became the richest man in the world.


Gates once looked back and said he thought he was lucky because he was obsessed with the idea that the computer had just begun to change the world. However, in a speech at Columbia University on Friday, he said that if he dropped out of school, he would probably not be in the computer industry, and would not develop an operating system. In a speech in another hall: Warren · Buffett.

, 61, doesn’t encourage students to drop out of school, and Gates has focused on investing in education. But in response to a student’s question, he talked about three areas that he thought was promising, and said that if the restart to pursue a career, is likely to be in these areas. According to the Lei Feng network earlier reports, Gates also has a lot of investment in these areas.

Lei Feng network on these three areas are summarized as follows:

artificial intelligence

Gates said that if we enter the field of computer science, the most potential should be artificial intelligence. He also did not mention the DeepMind of AlphaGo, which is a great achievement, shows that artificial intelligence has indeed improved a lot. He believes that the current research is very deep, is about to make new breakthroughs. "The ability of an intelligent agent to read and understand the material will be amazing, and anything related to it can be an exciting lifelong career."



Gates said that the demand for reliable, cheap and clean energy is huge and will continue to grow, and now there is no system that can provide enough energy to meet these standards. So, he believes there are many opportunities for innovation in the field of energy. "There’s a lot of innovation in energy, and there are a lot of ways to reach the goals we need to accomplish."

at the end of last year, Lei Feng has reported that Gates also co Ma, founder of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other world’s top entrepreneurs, set up a "breakthrough of energy risk investment fund" (Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund, BEV), the initial funds raised over $1 billion, will focus on clean energy innovation project. The energy fund will begin investment projects in 2017, and continued operations for 20 years.

Buffett should also agree with Mr Gates’s view that his conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, owns the largest utility company in the United States, and says it is investing $30 billion to develop alternative energy sources. Berkshire also owns

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