See how the nternet expert in making money from the programmer overnight

recently, sandplay "my world" programmer Markus Persson overnight, the development of "my world" by Microsoft Microsoft to buy fancy, "my world" spent $2 billion 500 million, Markus Persson programmers instantly become real millionaire. To know that 2 billion 500 million U.S. dollars but an astronomical figure, how many companies can not reach the value of decades of hard work, some companies may not be able to create their lives so much wealth. But a programmer to do it, he did not have huge financial support, there is no enviable interpersonal relationships, he can do it?.

a low threshold of the Internet is the opportunity to challenge

programmer Markus Persson should be grateful for the success of the Internet era, there is no Internet he can not rent a small room, attracted a few small partners, with a cable on the opening of the company. Without the Internet, Markus Persson may No one shows any interest in the works. Without the Internet, it is impossible for wealth to gather in a simple individual in a short time.


so the existence of the Internet is a necessary condition for the success of the Markus Persson, the rise of the Internet, each of the major media platforms continue to gush, is a simple individual to create their own brand opportunities.

according to the statistics of the global Internet users in 2016 will reach 3 billion, which means that every year, one in every two people, there is a netizen. In 2016, China’s Internet users may exceed 800 million. Behind this set of data generated by the economic benefits can not be estimated, for every internet entrepreneurs, large number of Internet users means that it is possible to convert large enterprise users, and this is the opportunity brought by the internet.

Cheng ran, there is a chance there are challenges in countless entrepreneurs to join the Internet, to tell the truth can not be successful, many webmasters online day after day, but the annual profit is poor. Remember the 2011 survey of the webmaster network survey shows that: 5000 of the annual income of less than entrepreneurs accounted for more than 60% of the site did not achieve profitability of the use of the virtual host and VPS of 67%.

because of the low threshold of the Internet has brought the Internet business boom, Hao no accident, everyone involved in the Internet are facing enormous competitive pressures and pressure to survive.

two, the Internet is a fierce competition for the user’s brutal battlefield

programmer Markus Persson sentence, let me think for a long time, he said: I am not entrepreneurs, nor is CEO, I am just a boring computer programmer, like Twitter on the idea."

first of all, from his words, we can get two points:

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