The head of HUAWE glory Entrepreneurial fresh electricity supplier no BP no LOGO, with $100 million

Abstract: Based on the majority of fresh electricity supplier of heavy losses and high mode of traditional business super in the electricity supplier as difficult as Liu Jiangfeng saw the opportunity to fresh electricity supplier. He founded the Dmall, its advertised features: no procurement, zero inventory, light assets, 1 hours service.

fresh electricity supplier and more players.

former president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng announced on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, will leave from HUAWEI, then on his whereabouts, the industry has a variety of conjecture. With the beginning of April Liu Jiangfeng a very theatrical fan "entrepreneurial" Declaration "time is not old, his ideal is" a fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurial projects Dmall also surfaced.

April 28th, Liu Jiangfeng accepted an interview with the tiger sniffing, tell why he chose to leave and the choice of entrepreneurial orientation from the HUAWEI process, and expounds the idea of Dmall.

"Two years ago,

has come back from abroad (HUAWEI) out of business ideas, it is a process, need to be determined, cause qualitative change." Liu Jiangfeng said, "HUAWEI is too big, after the big companies, process becomes more complex, the role of the individual is more and more small, the value of the individual is not easy to appear, is the pursuit of the role of the team, in a large company that is also normal, my personality is relatively free man, will do not adapt to."

why choose fresh electricity supplier business?

Liu Jiangfeng told the tiger sniffing, at the end of 2014, he submitted his resignation, originally wanted to do Internet financial business, but behind the friends and some discussion, there are some differences in the business plan, and realized that the Internet financial risk is quite high, and the pattern of electricity providers will be greater, so the entrepreneurial direction electric lock.

In the

before and after the vote (COFCO I bought net) by IDG, to find Liu Jiangfeng, because IDG wants to cast a Instacart pattern similar to the United States in China fresh electricity supplier. This touched Liu Jiangfeng.

"I especially love is not fresh, but fresh is a blue ocean, according to my understanding of the electricity supplier, currently the most difficult leap is this year is fresh, China trillion consumer market, fresh at least tens of millions, but the electricity supplier (permeability) of less than 1%, the market will be able to bigger." Liu Jiangfeng said.

because of fresh electricity supplier has a huge market space, the market active SF preferred, the original life, I bought the food network, Tootoo dozens of fresh electricity company. Especially after the popularity of O2O, there are Tmall supermarket, Jingdong home, love fresh bee, daily priority, such as large and small home. But in Liu Jiangfeng’s view, they still did not find the right model".

Liu Jiangfeng believes that these fresh electricity providers, many from the purchase of agricultural products, to distribution to consumers, such a model is too heavy, in addition to loss of fresh, fresh electricity supplier mainly owes in the cold chain, warehousing, distribution terminal. In fresh >

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