How do entrepreneurs eliminate anxiety and turn fear into a competitive advantage (up)

every time you experience fear and anxiety, in fact, have information and data to be excavated.


editor’s note: not long ago, the founder of the spring rain doctor Zhang Rui sudden death due to myocardial infarction, causing the industry’s dismay and regret. Everyone in mourning, but also began to pay attention to its entrepreneurs are generally faced with a mental health problem – anxiety.

Zhang Rui said that the business for more than four years, he seems to have the most anxiety about money, not money, is to worry about how to make money:

I’m really worried. Every day to eat well sleep well at night, worried that the capital chain is broken to do morning and playing their own spirit encourage, products to solve so many people suffering, so valuable, will get the money, "not just the fate.".

mental pressure quickly back to the body, his brow was white.

of course, the anxiety of entrepreneurs is far more than this, the product delivery time, the expectations of the public and investors, the team’s team and coordination, every day, all kinds of pressure on their own. So that the South seven think anxiety may be the fate of entrepreneurs.

anxiety really can not cure? Entrepreneurs how to face your fear? For the executives of Good Stratups founder Justin Milano guide and Daniel Cordaro believes that a good understanding of anxiety and fear and a good attitude is one of the key to success, and those entrepreneurs extraordinary can even use fear as their own competitive advantage. In the FirstRound interview with them, the two introduced a process that contains 4 steps, can help entrepreneurs fear as an advantage. I hope this can provide some reference to entrepreneurs, even if they can not help you gain an advantage, at least can also play a correct understanding of their own anxiety and promote the role of mental health. The length is longer, we divided into two parts in this paper, the.

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entrepreneurs are unique in psychology. In up to 90% of start-ups are going to fail in the world, the most tolerant vision will overcome all difficulties, because I want to beat the other 10% probability to become free and successful and full of fighting spirit. They are very resourceful, never yield in spite of reverses, the person who risks. For uncertainty and threats, the most successful entrepreneurs tend to face rather than avoid far. Why? At least according to psychologists, because successful entrepreneurs often have to fear that others do not have the mentality, at least degree is not the same: if can treat correctly, a good understanding of our fear and anxiety, let us in self discovery, breakthrough innovation and creativity. It is a competitive advantage for an extraordinary entrepreneur to discover that fear is a kind of curiosity, passion, and reference

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