O2O platform founder Zhang Zetao talks to Meng Meng how we are bankrupt

difficult, arduous.

, our early judgment errors, 3800 yuan to us to bury a huge pit, not only did not achieve a slight profit, but caused a huge loss." In November 2nd, O2O car platform of Shenzhen Meng car founder Zhang Zetao accepted the "daily economic news" reporter an exclusive interview, and in November 1st, Meng car has officially released the announcement.


to fall, Meng students Zhang Zetao said, mainly due to the early realization of drainage in order to attract users, at the cost of drainage budget mistakes, low-cost recruited a large number of students lead to huge losses, but also coincides with the O2O financing of winter, the capital chain rupture leading companies went bankrupt.

– 3800 yuan package class "led to capital chain rupture

Meng car’s official website, it is a O2O car platform, redefines the learning mode, let the world is not difficult to test a driver’s license. "Students can make an appointment directly coach App Meng car car, paid by the hour, one to one teaching, App about the test, with less money, more quickly to test the driver’s license, driving experience waiting for the pain no longer".


platform is at the beginning of June last year, was hoping to like a model to link students and coaches, let the students through our platform can easily make an appointment to the coach, to make an appointment and payment by the hour." Zhang Zetao told the "daily economic news" reporter, a student to learn Meng Meng is recognized, the innovation mode of Meng Meng she said: "learn to drive the car to Meng Meng is an Internet platform, it is one of the first batch of Shenzhen to carry out Internet car business. At that time, the school students at the end of July 2015, I signed up and paid 3800 yuan. It is where I have two points, the first point is relatively cheap, I registered earlier is 3800 yuan package; second is a good service, its service is on a car, a coach taught only one time by their own hands, and it ensured that no traditional driving school problems for example, to give the coach coach gifts, poor service attitude of the phenomenon."


did not give the students’ recognition to Meng profitable, but it is 3800 yuan package class "led to capital chain rupture Meng car. Said the car Meng Meng in a notice published on November 1st, due to poor management, leading to funding strand breaks, financing efforts fail, no fruit and new investment consultation service team, will be decided by the shareholders of the company, announced the bankruptcy of the company, from November 1, 2016 began to apply for bankruptcy.

early in 2015 to expand business, Meng car launched a super low 3800 yuan package class "to attract students to recruit students more than 300 people, this is the biggest inducement to continued losses or even bankruptcy, Meng meng.

"thanks to a lot of students"

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