Sprint three new board Shenzhou counter attack nternet car

as the tide slowly receded, the industry is increasingly aware of O2O (online to offline) above the O and the following O who is more important." Remark on the media of China auto rental founder Lu Zhengyao is confident, implying that adhere to the Shenzhou years (offline) to go on the road. The afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao announced, has been formally submitted to the new board of China excellent car listing application. China excellent car is the main operator of Shenzhou car.

previously, the domestic car market has experienced a round of burn wars, Ali’s quick taxi and the Tencent investment drops hit show open fighting. Many rounds of subsidies down pending male and female, in February 14, 2015, the management side to promote drops, fast merger. But Uber also push into China, Alibaba will soon extended to the Shenzhou car olive branch.

Lu Zhengyao probably did not think, the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities, let the traditional car rental company again full of new vitality; he would not expect, there are so many games in the industry. But at present, one of the results is: China did not sink in the tide of the Internet, but in the car wars further with "reshaping car ecosystem" idea.

traditional car rental company’s counter attack

the afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao convened media in China headquarters, announced that the new board has formally submitted a listing application and the Shenzhou car. In the outside world, China excellent car rental market to the Internet to form a "counter attack".

look back on the development process, the starting point of China’s traditional car rental.

September 15, 2010, in the spotlight of the spotlight, when he was holding the hands of Zhu Linan, Lenovo holdings executive vice president: Legend Holdings to equity + debt in the form of more than 1 billion 200 million of the capital injection to china.

1 billion 200 million yuan, was the largest in China’s car rental industry, the highest amount of investment. China auto rental has since become the first member of Lenovo Holdings six.

Since 2010

Lenovo investment, China auto rental concentrated purchase of vehicles in throwing money, expand the team and the city, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen to break the three in China, one Hey, extreme three cent world pattern. It finally landed in the capital market ahead of rivals, in September 19, 2014 officially listed in Hong Kong, China’s first car rental shares.

After the listing of

, Lu Zhengyao, told the Beijing News reporter, said the emerging Internet car rental model did not shake the leading position in China, but the original part of the taxi to replace the trip. He has been paying close attention to the new business model of the Internet era car, waiting for the attitude of the government and the appropriate timing of entry.

does not conflict with existing legislation, China has been steady development strategy, in 2011 March, was the first to cancel its Shenzhou car rental in the gray area on behalf of the driving car business, for business to test the water, but also within the framework of existing policies carefully.

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