Website collection and pseudo original this road of no return

after graduation, do full-time SEO optimization has been almost five months, during this period of time has three companies to my website has carried out the whole SEO optimization operation, I most want to say is about the content of the website. In the edit and update the content of this piece I have too much experience and feeling, a feeling not.

is currently in the SEO industry, most of the webmaster and SEO optimization personnel update website content, are no doubt the choice of the pseudo original, very little original content and quality, resulting in a million times to copy and paste the article everywhere, some synonyms, paragraphs order cannot be read through the article as a rookie, SEO forum responsible person, I feel sorry and ashamed of this phenomenon.

was picked up last week when he went to pick up customers’ orders and talk to their programmers. The programmer sneered and said, "SEO is the name. It sounds cool. You do SEO and you are fooled. Every day you make Internet junk. It’s full of spam and machine marks.". I didn’t refute, because this phenomenon does exist, but is not I have to back, by this gas after I go home depressed for a day.

first appeared in this pseudo original copy and paste, the wind can not blame the webmaster and optimize personnel, the original article is to spend a lot of time, and the need for professional knowledge and your writing is good, SEOer that I had often complain that their brains are well written, a good article is not easy. The rapid and simple creation of pseudo originality shows great charm.

all SEO optimization personnel know, search engines like the original articles, not only the original text, but also the style, value, originality, this is not false original can create. Search engines always provide quality services to their users, and valuable content is undoubtedly popular among users, and the search engine is extremely popular with the original.

every time after Baidu’s big update, there are always a lot of friends complain about, abuse, I don’t know these buddies have written several high quality articles. Choose a large number of pseudo original, you have to take risks.

on the original article occupy much proportion of the content of the website, the SEO industry has been studied earlier, also have the conclusion, rookie SEO forum believes that more than 80% of the original content will make the whole site in the search engine’s eyes is unique. Rookie SEO BBS was Baidu included, a month later began to appear every day snapshot, and they themselves did not have what quality outside the chain, the initial content of the original occupy the vast majority.

so, SEO optimization personnel and owners are most concerned about the issue, the original can greatly promote the site included and weight, so the website keywords have much benefit? First you need to understand that the original content unremittingly can improve the weight of the website, so the same SEO case, you have no reason to lose to the website ranking other sites, this is a contradiction.


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