The webmaster should see the back of the free business model

in the Internet industry today, this time, free has become one of the mainstream business model. Obtain a large number of users through free strategies and then make profits through value-added or ad formats. This is a reminder but no ground for blame, and don’t try to get the webmaster baited, otherwise the end too much, or your own.

any product, promotion is always a difficult problem, there must always be a springboard, there is a media platform. In this group is likely to be eyeing, because it is a grass-roots groups, they are entrepreneurs, they are a group of people can create value and money, they are a group of people and the lack of influence of cohesion, they are a group of people have dreams but lack of resources…… Therefore, the webmaster is one of the most vulnerable groups.

where there is Internet, there is the word "free", some of which are really free, while others are otherwise designed.

from Discuz! Open source, in the CMS industry, a free and open source code of the wind, at first we applaud, many manufacturers were forced to open, no way, you are using free, fee to individuals this road is not feasible. Therefore, we are doing a free version of the webmaster to use, while trying to find ways to high-end enterprise users to explore the market.


is the high-end market is so easy to take, like TRS, founder, Han and so on these CMS chiefs, almost grab most of the market share under the government and big business bidding, with annual revenues of hundreds of million to buy a single set of CMS programs to more than half a million or so. I’m afraid many of these vendors rarely heard of it. Where do the free vendors make money,


the key is out of the webmaster, each webmaster has his own user, and manufacturers of each move are in the webmaster to do experiments. Anyway, failure is the webmaster thing, success, he earned. As some community providers, give you an open-source program you can build a community of users, pull yourself go, anyway, the built-in applications are free of charge, such as your hard development to make money, they can take into, can also say they help stationmaster to achieve profitability, the value of common growth, but I do not know most of his income into the pockets of individuals, also thanks to the people. The more I tell you how to make money, the more I want to make your money.

this year’s popular Internet can be lonely, empty years PowerEasy but could not stay in their own forum, webboy wrote "posted complaints" shelling, said it was the "enemy" back attack, do not know to which a few, that several CMS chiefs mentioned above the wind news? SiteServer?? net strange? PHP development or that several? As a family to speak or to pay attention to propriety, had it not been for the mobile and oblog with, there will be easy today? Now come forward to years of low-key one appearance put peer dark scold again, then the partners before a negative now, also talked about "strategy is to"

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