Aunt give kickbacks, wash cut wire, clear generation House Street for help…… Venture capital cir

Abstract: only when the tide goes out, you will find out who is swimming naked. Today, the tide of capital bubble is fading, those who rely on deception to survive naked, was eliminated. Only in this way, in order to venture capital circle to clean.

recently in the Internet Co in the teeth of the storm while the investor continues, propaganda, capital is not winter; on the other side, entrepreneurs collective rebellion, with the way they respond to investor’s propaganda.

BP data 10 times the financial fraud, to investors rebate

the media broke the news that the aunt was broke in the BP data fraud seriously, to investors to provide the number of monthly active users has reached a staggering 42 million and third party data released by the gap of more than 10 times the fantastic. In addition, broke the news also mentioned that in order to promote the process of financing, the aunt even promised investment manager to rebate, in order to promote the internal fund investors will be more.

broke the news instantly detonated the venture capital circles, some investors said that the startup itself is not a public company, there is no information disclosure obligations, in order to look good, announced data do optimization is understandable, but in the financing of BP in the data is multiplied by 10 times, this is the first time I heard. In addition, the venture capital circle, there is indeed a rebate phenomenon. Some quality is not good start-up companies, in order to get financing, only private investors to collusion arbitrage, especially in the last few years the capital market frenzy to stimulate investor groups have become uneven in quality.

for the training of customer demand, the school cut wire

, a little-known company, said in an interview, in order to cultivate customer demand, cut a college dorm laundry on the wire, let no laundry students have to try their home wash service. This has caused a great disturbance, in order to get the user actually give up moral bottom line, the house quickly stood in the wash in the teeth of the storm. In public opinion, the police even said the investigation involved.

then, the house on behalf of the wash CEO Guo Chaoyu issued a statement, saying it was a team of public relations planning, is to win the attention and support of the public, before the cut wire behavior is not a fact. Cut the wire is just a PR or true, we cannot be sure, but to their own desires and the moral bottom line in the face of such people also led the team with the


issued a letter of help after the disappearance of the original just to promote

early in the morning of September 1st, vice president Monck in the street as WeChat, WeChat and micro-blog group of friends to send "help help" information lost, the message instantly spread in the circle, they all anxiously in the circle of friends forward looking for the whereabouts of Monck, Monck has appeared and was subsequently confirmed this just in order to clear the street to promote a speculation planned.

home wash cut wire forced trial after the incident, Monck "danger" marketing waves in the industry, "

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