VR to your website Wikipedia multimedia library make only superficial changes

have you ever imagined the appearance of a web page in a virtual reality (VR)



VR web page

2D web pages can also be immersive and interactive. Imagine if Wikipedia into a multimedia library, when you refer to the Egyptian pyramids, you can directly visit the wonders, explore its internal research, its texture, even through the puzzle to open the Pharaoh’s tomb. While being wrapped in ambient sound, you can even get a virtual wizard to accompany you, listen to it, dictate history, and answer questions.

does it sound like that,


that we have the Wikipedia into the Amazon, let VR take you to the sea Amoy inexhaustible wedding – you can try, but also through the 3D angle of view their appearance; and even create different roles to do your "fitting official", selected their favorite clothes from. A car can also, car, car, seat, test…… Start up (Hello Tesla!). It’s like a science fiction story. Remember, twenty years ago, online shopping was a science fiction story, and at the time, watching the Olympics on VR was like the holographic decks of Star Trek, star trek.

All of the hardware that

can do – although still in its infancy – has been published. High definition cameras, panoramic cameras, high-speed graphics processors and VR heads are the way to the future. Although it’s expensive, big and slow, we have reason to believe that with the popularity of VR, the hardware will become cheaper, smaller and faster.

Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic glasses have been shipped to developers. Not a developer user, SONY’s PlayStation VR already supports pre-sales. Anxious to experience one, Oculus Rift is $599 in stock. That’s too expensive. Samsung Gear VR sells for only $99. If you have a Galaxy, you can even get a free Gear head. Of course, if you’re an extremely price sensitive group, the $15 Google Cardboard might be your choice – you can even make one yourself.

in fact, reading this article at this point, you can already experience a virtual web page directly. Open the Janus browser – a future web page that is accessible to non VR users. By the way, Janus Reddit is also a lot of fun in the plate.

VR technology has developed rapidly. The experimental Javascript API WebVR for Oculus, Rift, and Google Cardboard heads has been developed in Firefox, Nightly, Chrome, Chromium, and Samsung GearVR browsers

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