Problems encountered in foreign trade websites

domestic Internet environment, let many webmaster Speechless, talk ", the website, the foreign trade station for ashes to ashes" for serious losses, foreign trade station are facing foreign customers, these foreign visitors, the site speed is required, while in China for the network cable outlet velocity there is a limit, if less than access speed slow, relatively large, as can be imagined your losses.

domestic Internet environment is not good, and moving abroad is not necessarily all OK, and moved abroad, then you do not pay attention to the following questions:

1. continues to receive complaints from computer rooms, brands or regulatory authorities, forcing customers to shut down their websites. Then transfer to other computer room to re open, not only the workload is large, long hours, and the need to prepare more than one server, bringing huge management costs.

The site can not access the

2. transfer process, short hours, long for several days, causing the customer advertising waste and loss of customers, the same server encountered several complaints, we should consider replacing the room, otherwise there may be shutdown; replace the room will face a lot of hard work, and may result in data the consequences of loss and damage.

3. website lost order due to closure. The site was closed because of the infringement, causes the customer to visit, or even a direct loss of large orders, so you can not go to business development, customer development, because they do not know when the site will be closed, when a sudden loss of data.

these problems are a headache, is fatal, whether the problem will cause a certain impact on the site, and although the purchase of foreign business customers, the host is very convenient, some hosting providers support Alipay payment, like ixwebhosting launched its Chinese website, the host is not making the purchase fee however, the awareness of copyright as easy as blowing away the dust, a foreigner is very strong, not to mention you sell fake goods more fire, genuine businesses see with the position, as can be imagined.

do foreign trade imitation brand was sealed with what the space not? This problem is not absolute, as long as you trade counterfeit website has put the public, normal operation can not be 100% will not be sealed, imitation brand road is not easy, not easy to go, how to go down, only to seek more..


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