The first time to do the station three times meditation, three times revision


was IT, and familiarity with the Internet is no less than others, but on this thing, always feel mysterious and unpredictable, so I become a geek, every corner of loyalty is obsessed with the network. Suddenly one day, because of the vigilance of a little thing, let me no longer willing to use the Internet, while enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet, I think I may also do something. So I chose the station yourself, is to do, can do what, for whom, for what are not mature, but I still can’t wait to start, from planning, to technology, from the page to the background, so that even the pictures are slowly out of the mill, because never before doing, various techniques are now. Usually work and often work overtime, every day can be used to do the time, sometimes half an hour, and sometimes even a day without time to open, so that sometimes there is a plan to give up.

is my spiritual pillar supporting me (what specific, temporarily, ha ha), let me insist on, finally, the first edition was completed, although not how, after all, the use of the most popular technology, and are their own one, or a sense of achievement.


is to buy space, this is my biggest headache, a bit miserable, because no previous contact, with great difficulty, some of the main technical indexes of current virtual host, understand the basic knowledge, contact the space business, and then a trial, also ask very basic old Oh the problem, who let us not understand it, so that some business would not do my business, I do not want to endure torture, ha ha. I also helpless ah, it seems I was by the side of the devastating sword. Finally, consider the factors of price and performance, not buy, but share the server with others.

but this made me realize that virtual host selection is a very painful thing for anyone, especially for the first time do stand friends, so I secretly determined, my website for everyone to solve this problem, so I website ranking first in Bibi cattle a list of the open virtual host list, I put the main business space, of course I come into contact with, are added, allowing everyone to vote for them, comment, come to a more objective ranking, so, let a friend in need can have a reference, but also save me through detour. As a result, the ranking of the virtual host has become the main list of my website. When I bought the space, I hung the first page up. Then find some friends and friends to experience, and so on a little more than one visit, you found a serious problem…

because of my things in the pursuit of fashion technology, ignoring the user experience, also said the website is good is not good, which gave me a lot of excitement, ah, is to do a website, the user, is to provide users with convenient, the application should be for the user experience, and should not be in pursuit of technology and novel >

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