How does the home website develop under the cold winter

in the current economic downturn of the environment, subject to the property industry downturn impact, the home industry is also deserted. In this context, how to operate the home network to go through this winter,


here, we first analyze the Home Furnishing website to what is the key to success? Is to have a high quality website? Is to have a product line store? Is to carry out a lot of marketing investment? These three points. Home Furnishing networks have done. But in this industry do pretty good. When we seriously consider these questions, we must look cool and required the analysis of these factors, namely: in the economic downturn conditions, these factors will be affected by.

should be said that these factors are very important, but in addition to these factors, the effect of environment but also can not be underestimated, for a successful Home Furnishing website, when faced with the economic downturn in the environment, development is more difficult. Of course, not only is the Home Furnishing website, other types of sites also not better than.

The development of

Home Furnishing site affected by the financial crisis gradually reflected. With the advent of the financial crisis, the real estate downturn caused by the direct Home Furnishing industry into the winter. This is an unavoidable reality. In this environment, under the Home Furnishing market generally difficult situation, how to develop the Home Furnishing website


eyes, the Home Furnishing market a series of price promotions, the added value of the products is more and more low, profits are less and less, but always difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of buyers, benefit the continuous decline. This is particularly evident at the end of the 2008 Home Furnishing market, although numerous discounts, but with little success. Many the dilemma facing building materials industry has become increasingly prominent. Home Furnishing can not say that the real estate boom is not Home Furnishing industry developed. The two is one of the.

in this big environment Home Furnishing network under the leadership of CEO Zhang Fuxin, overcome difficulties, maintain the normal operation of a website, on the other hand for store support, in the form of membership, the effective line promotional activities. Through the web site users to apply for membership card, to any special the store, can enjoy greater discount price. Than the usual discount discount also much lower. Therefore, a lot of friends before going to the store to buy Home Furnishing products have come to the site to apply for a membership card. Where can I have asked to use membership card? In order to highlight the activities of the advantage of network to come to Home Furnishing in targeted advertising good information network through ADKC. Expand the Home Furnishing network brand, attract more members to participate in the activities of.

for Home Furnishing website, through the winter will usher in spring. Therefore, President Zhang Fuxin has repeatedly warned us that in the current situation, website development and perseverance. Would rather lose money to maintain membership satisfaction. Therefore, we see in many products. Home Furnishing store, Home Furnishing network membership card is still attracting a large number of the customer to select their own satisfaction Home Furnishing products.

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