Community electronic business platform lightning purchase completed B round of tens of millions of d


technology news (Xiang Xin) October 20th news, announced the purchase of lightning has recently completed the tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing, by H capital, the fund along lead investor, A round investors, Ali Chinese Jingwei founder Wu Yongming Jing Yuan capital to continue with the cast, B round of Financing Consultant for a small table.

the use of financing in this round, lightning founder and CEO Wang Yongsen said, will be used mainly in three areas: 1. supply chain and warehouse allocation system continued plowing; 2. new city expansion; 3., improve the talent pool. "Through these efforts, the future lightning purchase to develop based on the mobile Internet, the formation of one hundred thousand merchants online, covering 100 cities nationwide largest community electronic business platform one hour."

for lightning purchase stage of this model, Jingwei China partner Cong really think: Community electricity supplier is the existing B2C unified nationwide electricity supplier extension and upgrade. The need for platform operators, consumers and the supply chain at the end of which has a strong influence and appeal, which requires the team has a strong executive power and prudent values."

Wang Yongsen said to purchase the recent change of lightning, lightning: "purchase as an hour in the construction of the community electricity supplier, a net, a building composed of 100 thousand convenience stores lightning shopping platform one hour retail terminal network, to help brands achieve goods through the country. "He also said, has covered the deep North of Guangzhou City Suzhou 6, daily 100 thousand single, 1 10000 online merchants, 5 million users.

data show that lightning purchase is an online convenience store platform, which will be the entity store within each partition access, users can purchase 1 km wide range of convenience store products based on LBS, 1 hours free service. Lightning purchase on-line in October 2014, is by the Hangzhou fun flash purchase network technology Co., Ltd. development.

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