How to do beauty website wise remark of an experienced person

on the design of beauty sites, many users first impression, must look good. And many designers have escaped these ideas. Today some of the beauty sites, but is that some hospitals used to do standing group, you copy me, I copy you down. Web site is generally changed in the hospital website, and mention is that the hospital site is basically a Korean style copy of the model, especially the beauty site.

on the one hand, do some analysis, a good cosmetic website, to bring more beauty hospital conversion rate, bring more customers, often rely on stations is not enough, each hospital is now holding large amounts of cash to Baidu and Google, use station, web pages to improve myself in Baidu, Google’s ranking and included, or please some of the so-called SEO master, trying to improve the ranking method, increase the click rate, to get customers through the business.

, but it wasn’t years ago. Maybe a few years ago, many websites came this way. Now times are changing, and the Internet is changing faster.

people do e-commerce sites, rarely done SEO, but his Baidu ranked first, why? Because others use a separate module to do product reviews and user questions. Users are using questions to buy products and advice, often these data are some original content, so the weight of search engines is relatively high. These rely on the site is active, it was discussed, it was evaluated, naturally ranking also went up.

is here to mention the e-commerce website.

e-commerce, why fire up again, because now has the ability to buy the age of the stage, has turned to 7080, 90. Beauty is also the same, 70 after 80 crowd as the main hit.

Jingdong is a relatively advanced domestic commodity consultant. Also do better. Today, the growing strength of Jingdong, it is said that Jingdong product evaluation library is the largest digital product evaluation system, with a certain community prototype. This is community based e-commerce, such as Taobao’s SNS amoy.

some people say that the future of e-commerce is community. Such as Taobao, fence, and now to buy a variety of websites.

beauty website can also use the network community, cohesion, and activity, to improve the site’s conversion rate, the future of the site also beauty in the community, maybe it is a combination of electronic commerce + + community hospital.

hospital website is afraid of negative news, so most do not do BBS, and so on, to prevent user communication, to prevent problems. Because it will cost a lot of manpower and material resources in the hospital. But from the user’s point of view: what users need is communication, what they need is communication with other users, and they need to share the experience of other users. A website that does not have an active degree of beauty can only stay in the traditional way of burning money, however

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