s the movie station still available in 2010

talk about my own experience as a movie station:

I just got in touch with the movie station when I joined a company in Hubei called "the only movie company". Spent 198 pieces, then diligently to each nearby friend carries on the propaganda, joins QQ group, forum post, at that time one day comes down, really very tired. A few months down, basically no profit. I’m not discouraged, hoping to have a movie station of my own, trying to find the next exit.

inadvertently found that the other party’s movie station was an open source program, Marx program". I asked him some common questions about Marx, including installation, collection, and so on. I also tried to download the trial, when I was building a station server to do the test. Did a few days of detailed study, found that the procedure is really simple, practical, and the function is very powerful, it is very convenient to collect.

I found 5944 free space and put the program up. The website is on line like this, ha ha. After a few days, I found that the site can not open, I login in the background, see "a blank."". The program has been cleared up and asked the customer service. It turned out that I didn’t set the date for the delay.

I face helpless, the site was closed in vain. No way, can only buy to belong to own space". At that time I found nine Internet Interconnection, customer service staff very patiently introduced to me such a discount space, the price is not expensive, 300 more than a year. Under the guidance of customer service, I bought the domain name and database, and the website was used on-line in second days.

in retrospect, the movie station is really tiring (I rarely click on it, I add it myself). I got up early in the morning and didn’t even brush my teeth, so I updated more than 100 movies. At that time I registered a lot of Baidu space, every time I updated the movie, I was next to one to update the content of space, film information. Hard work pays off. Just over two months, the website has steadily increased its traffic to 2000 and started to make a profit. (at that time the source of traffic was due to a keyword, Baidu, Google ranked first.)

until the end of last year, traffic is ups and downs, very unstable. Because I met with the lowest 200 strike block sold to others, so far, the movie station has been open, may be due to reasons not to renew space. I contacted the seller, because the space expired, the program was deleted, he did not do a good job, so temporarily closed.

returned home today with a special surprise. I received a letter of complaint from the local culture bureau. I was the head of the movie station. Claiming that I did not apply for an audio-visual permit, I would not have to wait until March 1st to apply for an audio-visual certificate. Tell me to stop the operation of the website immediately. If you want to continue the operation, you must apply for the relevant documents. Otherwise, you’ll sue me. I read the back of the letter. The time is <

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