Blog weight really so high

has been in contact with SEO since. Consulted a lot of relevant information. Even though I know something about it, I try to optimize it. Many articles on the network have shown that the weight of the blog is very high, so they have also tried to build a blog of their own, thank you for your feelings. After finishing, in Admin5 for his blog published 2 articles, of course, is to seduce spiders. Second days, Baidu can find my address link, to collect only 4 days, is 18 established, 22 was included in the Baidu. Mentally very happy.

The weight of the

blog really so high? The first set up a blog, although be included, but there is a problem Kunrao my own blog should be optimized if, where to develop better, heard some blogs can make money ` `, I am a rookie network, hope predecessors advice. Thank you,

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