How to improve the quality of Web site

for website optimization, writing articles on the website seems to be no longer a fuss about the phenomenon. A qualified webmaster should write original article, will have skill with other webmaster exchange links, can at the right time let oneself optimize the site to raise a level (at least I think so).

I have just started from the webmaster, already began to have this question: each search engine spiders will judge a web site in the content of the article?. I asked many webmaster friends, they said that the spider is basically out of a person to write the program, not like a man of wisdom, there are too many requirements for the content of the article is not. But here, there will be doubts, and this situation is not now with we usually have to pay attention to the original composition of the site there is a big contradiction,


many webmaster friends think, a quality of the original article is a good article. That is how to judge the original composition of an article, which is what I have been studying for a long time.

first, how to determine the similarity of the spider an article? In my opinion, the spider itself as a program, the spider is in fact a simulation of the human brain, each site in the article as we usually see the book, we read a book, or an article will the book or article that left an impression. The spider in the simulation process, see every website in which text content is not included, but the web page code, the spider will crawl in the process according to the code similarity judgment, so that the similarity of an article.

secondly, how the website or the website keyword correlation is less than a certain proportion by manual review? My understanding is, like the correlation in the site keywords and the contents of the article, the article title and website like a book. When I saw the cover of the book title is very attractive to me, and I read this book after that the contents of the book and the cover title also compared with this time, I like to give this book to buy a home inside carefully taste. It’s like a spider crawling to your web site, and it’s quick to appear in search engines, because search engines have been collecting your book". On the contrary, I see the book title with the content of mismatched quality, in the book and check, I naturally do not want to buy this book, until interested in this book for people to buy this book. And this book is also pirated books, garbage books such a kind of words, usually the end is in the garbage heap, fire waste acquisition station.

himself has come to the conclusion that a website has good quality and is related to several aspects:

1, the server of the website wants stability, this is must, this needless to say everybody also knows.

2, website >

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