Venture husband and wife files the chiefs of love crystallization

these sections in the 90s love story, the achievement of a number of elite, but also created a number of leading enterprises.


Kevin Strom & Nicole Schuetz


recently, a man named Nicole Schuetz in "Vogue" the bride magazine exposed his full details in the famous American NAPA Wine Xiang Bai Li European wedding Valley winery, and the wedding of the actor is Instagram founder and CEO Kevin – strom (Kevin Systrom).

in exclaim, people gradually moved to the Nicole body, in addition to her Kevin Systrom’s wife, is also a clean energy company founder and CEO, and Kevin is the Stanford University business students.


Kevin for the first time in their own Instagram drying out of the Nicole

weekdays in addition to deal with the company’s affairs, Nicole will also be responsible for caring for Keivin quite famous net red pet dog Dolly.


and today we use Instagram to shoot beautiful photos, you also have to thank the "Mrs. Instagram", because Nicole think this should be used as a photo of the first X-Pro II Kevin Instagram filter design is born in Nicole under bluntly suggested not good-looking.


Instagram the first photo of X-Pro – Dolly – Il filter

2010, 1 months after the official launch of Instagram, it has a total of 1 million users.

on the list of 2012 fortune, the winner of the business elite of the 40 under the age of 40, but also won the creation of the "551 days" + "" = "get nearly 30 million iOS users" high praise.

Robin Li & Melissa

compared to Nicole and Kevin’s luxurious wedding, Robin Li in October 10, 1995 and the wedding held by the United States is extremely simple.

Baidu Inc founder, chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li and his wife, when the wedding dress only one suitable for wear in the summer of

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