A brief talk on the culture of website construction

has been in the field of Web building for nearly ten years and suddenly finds himself increasingly out of this industry. Because the essence seems so simple: the construction site is? Do not apply a domain name, a space, and do a few, most to write a few lines of code is not it? In this materialistic, impetuous vanity in three days, one day a station, station; station at 1000 yuan, 100 yuan to build station advertising this is abundant.

is a broad cultural group (can be a country, can also be national, industry, enterprise, family) thought, idea, behavior, customs and habits, the representative form in a certain period of time, any and all activities by this group overall awareness of the radiation out of the. Website construction and culture? This seems to be a Penfan topic.

but in fact, in the process of website construction, it is full of culture everywhere. The choice of the domain name is one thing of culture, characteristics of your choice of domain name you must comply with the operation of the industry, the domain name is the best industry iconic foreign words, or spelled with Chinese characters Pinyin words, or by other means to express the homonym of your business product or service. In addition, domain names must be easy to remember, and have to be as concise as possible. Obviously, domain name selection is not an easy and simple thing at all. It is also a very cultural thing.

strictly speaking, before the website construction, all need to do planning, or planning. This mainly involves the page style, picture style, content layout, programming language selection and development plan and so on. Whether it is enterprise website or functional website, whether it is propaganda portal or application portal, the planning of the website is of great importance. Of course, the site or project type is different, planning has different emphases. For example, enterprise propaganda website, the focus of planning is in the design concept, page planning; and the application of the site is mainly concerned with the planning of functional requirements. Of course, the project size, site planning time required are different, the participation of professionals, business promotion website takes about three days and the time of planning; and the application of Web site, because the function complexity is very different, it is difficult to have a fixed pattern, one month, six months, even a year is possible. Site planning must have experienced project participants to participate in, can do well. In the website construction industry, eighty percent of the domestic customers of the services provided by the network company dissatisfaction, the biggest reason is that, before the site construction, did not do a good job planning. Because, in the company’s network marketing personnel talk rapidly promotion of customers, it is easy to think of website construction is too simple. I often encounter some customer complaints, "your prices are too high, certain companies can do hundreds of dollars."". As everyone knows, carefully planned, tailored and batch workshop production workload must vary greatly, their quality is also important differences: carefully tailored it is not all is fine, and batch production is network garbage.

light is well planned, and far from enough, >

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