Grassroots webmaster, you should put the user experience in what position

on the Internet in recent years, we have been in the user experience that the user, however, how many grassroots webmaster is standing in the user experience on the site? Just some large portal around me can a large portal can make nothing of it, even so, no wonder the station also began to play "rogue users experience".

simply, I’d like to analyze some of the most "rogue" user experiences:

disgusting web site: often see the major blog article, behind is a pile of messy figures, such as 4asd50100234y, Taobao store domain name is the same. This very Web2.0 thing, enjoying the treatment that ordinary Web2.0 websites can’t enjoy, makes people feel sick.

garbage content crazy add: This is also commonly used "rogue" gimmick, for example, you click on a news, it did not go to the final content page, but ran to a channel home, it makes people puzzling. It’s like when you see a leaf, and when you’re ready to pick it up, you find it running into the forest and you have to work hard to find the naughty leaves. This is a good listener, strengthen the attention of users in the channel, is actually cheating and the abduction of users, the same is a flicker of Kung fu.

REM watermark: if the picture is your exclusive shot or copyright, then take for granted. However, many websites have watermarks that do not have copyrighted pictures, which are plagiarism and embezzlement, and have a serious impact on the aesthetic vision of the picture. It has spread to the video, also began to add watermarks, and some forums even text is also added watermark. It seems all at once Chinese began in the online protection of their intellectual property to, as Han Han said of the Internet platform than the small talk.

a new window bomb: not all the web pages on the site to open new window, see the content of a web page is the most disgusting, the dozens of windows open, like psoriasis as plastered all over the window. This forced means even gradually affect people’s operating habits, and some people even think that this is reasonable, really depressing ah, if I see such a site, generally reported to the public security.

probably is that these, are part of rogue means big portals are often used, only consider themselves, regardless of the user experience, I want them for the sake of my health, please change these bad habits, otherwise I really want to be mad. Other "rogue" means have not yet seen, of course, this is only a personal understanding, if you have any good suggestions, you can directly message pointed out. Thank you for your support and love for the chain mother trading agency.

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