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often ask "how do profit", also often see some of the profit model of the article, but specific to the individual, many people still in question: how to make money on the Internet? People who have really made, really some people linger…… in fact, no matter what type of the site, no matter what (how much economic area, developed much, city consumption), as long as you work hard to study the mode of the website, I believe there is always a way out.

October 28th Admin5 forum Thursday invited medical examination exceeded garden founder Mr. Zhu Jinlong, his ideas and profit share operation industry forum, this paper exceeded part mainly discuss.

asked: "medicine examination Park feeling general, but the profit is done very well, I hope to share how to make profit,


answer: My Forum flow is good, but the member is inactive, this also is my sore point. I am a trade station, medical examination industry, so the conversion rate is relatively high. At present our main profit model is: courses (this is the main income) + exam software sales (the second) + exam books (in fact do not make money, but the user needs, we can’t let this part of the user loss ah) + Baidu ads (the income is not good, I just want to use this to Baidu, though I don’t know no effect). At present, the main income of the tutorial class is free for members. It is intended to gradually develop VIP and charge system.

: I would like to ask, the operation of a forum, how much upfront investment, like I do not have much background, is from scratch.

answer: it can be said that I was a typical sleight of hand, first I use the 5D6D free space, free domain names are two domain names, I use this free domain name for 3 months, making a profit, I only buy virtual host, IP to 10 thousand, I just rented server.

: Zhu, many people question the flow of your website. Can you explain why the traffic is high, but why don’t you want to improve your


flow rate is high, because several popular keywords in the Baidu home page, such as "medical examination", "medical examination" and so on, it is only the qualification examination, there are millions of candidates each year, the pass rate is only 25%, so if the flow rate is high. I think a few replies, is not how to manage my own; two is the moderator is less active; three is the flow of sinking, the highest point, a month from here to click on the training institutions where the registration of more than 1800 people. Now, on average, 60 people sign up each day. How much do you want to sink?. As for the method of improvement, I have also thought of sending more interactive articles, and sometimes using small posts to guide members, but it is still difficult to do, after all, to go to work.

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