Does a new website really need to be optimized for traffic

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website construction on-line, what remains is the website optimization work, but we discovered, many websites started from on-line, maintained. Accustomed to the site for the flow of webmaster, I feel incredible, such a site there is the value of it? A no flow of the site is not in a "lost money",




in fact, the Internet is a world system, we like the real world, in reality do, also can do on the Internet, with mobile Internet is becoming a trend, then another world of mobile Internet and replication. In this world, each has its representative.

for shopping, for example, the traditional hypermarkets are signs, and to the PC side of the Internet, C2C sites, B2C sites become mainstream, these representatives of the site includes Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and so on. And to the mobile Internet era, then to WeChat as the mainstream micro business, mobile payment, APP, drop taxi, this model also plays a leading role. The taxi drops as an example, in the end is the traditional PC website, this website can not only represent the official website, car reservation on the official website, and want to make an appointment, you must use Alipay, WeChat or APP can drop.

we know, now the enterprise includes two aspects, Wanda as an example, belongs to the traditional enterprise, and Taobao, for example, belongs to the Internet enterprise. Interestingly, these two companies are in the field of force to each other, such as Alibaba and force line, while Wanda is hard to do Internet business, although fifast network do not good, but the cost is expensive, is the billion units.




Internet business website is particularly sensitive to the flow, even in order to prevent the waste water does not flow fields to outsiders, in earlier years, when Baidu is involved in the electricity supplier, immediately closed the port of Baidu search, enormous amounts of money to buy YAHOO, is to prevent the traffic on Baidu Hu cut". For some small sites, it is traffic for life, especially those linked to league advertising sites, if the site traffic is not thousands of, want to make money, it is almost impossible.

when the small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the Internet, but was unable to take a step. Learn Wanda that dry method, spent a lot of money, but also no effect, learn the small website dry method, do SEO optimization, but reluctant to pay, or to pen big ticket, or a province again. Learn the practice of small websites a little lose face, learn big website again cannot burn money, be caught in a dilemma.

in fact, the flow is important, but the gold content is different. To the electricity supplier website, for example, a store baby price is 10 yuan, 1000 babies sold a month, the total sales is only >

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