Looking at the website traffic statistics all day long

maybe everyone has his own ideal, but the ideal is always good. Just as many people expect to do something, but really do, only to know the hardships. There are so many people doing websites in China. We all imagine that we own 163 websites like NetEase, Sina and so on. So they began to do web site. How many people really do succeed, from beginning expectations to final disappointments?. We have experienced the ups and downs of the mood, among many people a mystery to the website, look at website traffic statistics every day, IP increased, good mood, and pay more attention to the statistics. But again how to see, the flow is still not high, and finally gave up the web site. I believe so many people, this is also the status of China’s Web site.

March 8th, today, my website (www.wwecn.net) traffic has finally gone thousand. What does this prove, NOTHING?. It can be said is awareness or insight, in short, I have all this now bearish. "Soldier attack" just seven even in the promise said: "do not abandon, do not give up, who can really understand this shock? I will not abandon the site, but I will not be so addicted, eat hot tofu. There are more meaningful things waiting for me to do. I’m trying, and I’m looking forward to it. Attached to the website’s traffic statistics, today’s 38 women’s day. Happy holidays.

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