Ali mother don’t take Taobao guests as chicken ribs

The launch of the

Taobao Ali mother guest promotion platform has been more than a year, has made considerable progress, but we look back at the past more than a year, you know, this is a free development of the times, is not a fair for Taobao passenger era.

in this era, Ali Mama official vigorously for Taobao customers to promote publicity, in order to let more Taobao shopkeeper know this thing, once continuously to all Taobao customers to promote Taobao group membership related news. Taobao shopkeeper to participate in Taobao promotion conditions are also relaxed, from the need to join the consumer protection, drop to the seller’s reputation, three hearts can. This move, in front of Taobao customer promotion platform development, is understandable. Because this platform to develop, we must have goods come in, we must have enough dispensers to participate in, Taobao customers have merchandise can be pushed.


customer promotion platform, ideally, should be a four profit sharing platform, through this platform, the integrity of the treasurer should make the sell more goods; the buyers can more easily choose to many commodities in the boutique; the official Taobao (+ Ali mother) can benefit from, attract more users (this is the most important for the platform providers, Taobao); customer pay labor, can benefit from.

however in my so-called free development era, Taobao customers to promote the platform Antz – Taobao customers, is to benefit the least. Why do you say so? I can give you the following reasons:

1, documentary technology is imperfect, and sometimes lost single case, labor in vain. Although the official said that the current situation has been lost single, but in the official forum, from time to time to see some people reflect the matter;

2, promotion links sometimes fail, go straight to Taobao home page. This is undoubtedly a lot of free advertising for Taobao!


3, and even to participate in the promotion of dispensers at any time to set up commission ratio, so far, Taobao tasted the promotion of the sweetness of many dispensers, commission ratio will be set to the minimum allowable system – 1.5%. In addition, because the official is not currently a good credit rating system, there have been some use of loopholes in the manager cheating, etc.


however, the number of Taobao customers or increased dramatically, this is mainly due to the publicity of the official guests of Taobao and Taobao customers to promote future optimistic, willing to accept the injustice, tomorrow will be better. A bigger reason is that many Taobao customers are some ordinary Internet users, not in the traditional sense of the higher occupation. Because they have not had the Wangzhuan experience, some income at present, can arouse their interest. But how long this interest will last depends on the official next move.

chicken ribs, tasteless gesture! I personally think that Taobao customers to promote development at present stage, the official shot, otherwise, Taobao is about to enter the "chicken ribs" off promotion

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