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, I’m the webmaster of Haimen forum. Haimen forum is a county-level city in Jiangsu province. Why do we have to make a local forum? It can be said that if objective analysis is done, the Haimen forum is not a shrewd businessman’s ideas and entrepreneurial programs. First of all, in my forum on the line before, through Baidu search, the Internet has been related to Haimen forums, such as Haimen fun network, Haimen first life portal and so on, no less than three or four. I am an information technology professional, in my eyes, these forums, whether it is site construction technology or art, or operation ideas, and my basic ideas quite. But then I thought, is a city with millions of population, and county-level city administrative level, the most important point, these years in Haimen, I have some social resources, such as business resources, social relations, these to be used up, or to do regional website, Haimen million people residents, low income and commercial prosperity, can provide the soil for survival of four or five local forum, and will let the website live very moist.

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it’s my idea of making an Internet site, not necessarily talking about an exchange forum. The decision to make a forum stems from a sudden inspiration. One night, while watching the news broadcast, a news report was about the massacre of civilians in Syria. I suddenly realized that he was stupefied. Then I thought, "why didn’t I have sympathy?" my answer was: "Syria is too far away.". Then I began to sort out my thoughts: sympathy and desire were two basic emotions of human being. Compassion makes us kind and introspective, and desires make us strive for and strive for. But these two basic emotions are also remote. If the neighbor’s kitchen caught fire, my attention was far greater than whether North Korea had launched a missile. My friend is in hospital, and my concern is far greater than that of Africa. How many people died in the war?. A few mosquitoes in the room bothered me more than the Diaoyu Islands dispute. So we instinctively pay more attention to things at home. We are more concerned about the car accident in the front of the road, the discord between husband and wife in the community, and the lack of support for the elderly on the stairs. We are also willing to communicate these. So, what I want is: how to get a bunch of people talking about things at home, and that’s what I call the Haimen forum.

in this purpose, I began to find what you want.

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, on the topic of news and information, I see a topic that can lead to debate and discussion among local people. As I have said before, compassion and desire are the most passionate emotions. So, some of the relationship between husband and wife, some of the bottom of life, and some luxury goods, and so on, these topics, I put them in the headlines every day.

in the merchants settled in the choice of forum, I see the merchant’s location and product, service reputation, even in order to fully understand the true quality of the business, I use their connections and social relations, the business entity inspection. There are a lot of merchant goods, I have used it myself

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