Zhang Xiaolong your WeChat is occupied by a small program only 11 days

Zhang Xiaolong stepped into the center of the stage, the audience broke into cheers.


this is the second public appearance of the super product manager. Not accustomed to the lights and the attention of the Zhang Xiaolong audience gathered to look for obviously felt a bit nervous, he slowly around the table up a blue sweater and jeans on the wrinkly.

as the outside world, like this, in this year’s WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong finally opened the veil WeChat applet. In the January 2016 WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong has been very "accidental" to reveal the "application number" of information, that is, we know the small program. After a lapse of one year, in the wake of numerous speculation, Zhang Xiaolong finally announced the official release date of small programs: January 9, 2017.

According to Zhang Xiaolong

, a small program is a "accident", "WeChat rarely put a function or not made product form prior to the outside world, are generally the first to give you a surprise. "Although the expression on his face has not changed, Zhang Xiaolong said he was" very excited "," think for a long time, need to do a response to last year. "

, however, from Zhang Xiaolong’s next statement, the mouth that he was "thrilled" WeChat applet, and many people do not think the same as before.

and your imagination is not the same as the small program

small program on official news release and the product has been speculation that the true mingled with the false many times. But today, there is no more accurate information about it.

in September this year, WeChat released a beta version of a small program, Zhang Xiaolong’s circle of friends to a small program as a "do not need to download and install" and "touch" and "use" go light application. Many people speculated that WeChat this super app to be the next App Store, many entrepreneurs are more eager to think ahead to seize the new round of entrance opportunity dividend flow has finally arrived.


(a year ago by Zhang Xiaolong and a small program team)

but WeChat in today’s open class, Zhang Xiaolong almost put these speculations all overthrown, in 10 he briefly answered, you are more likely to understand the "applets" what kind of product:

1 small programs in the future will be driven from where?

WeChat will not develop a small program specifically for the entrance, we hope that the user through the two-dimensional code scanning to complete the driver. I always believe that the two-dimensional code is the entrance of the mobile internet. Like a person who doesn’t pay attention to any public number, he will never be pushed by a public number, if you have never started a small

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