nformation is money these days

also remember in the past, the teacher mother earnestly said: "time is money." I was quite obedient, that is. This argument of course believed to be good advice. But now if anyone and I still say so, I am sure that he should not copy the book code that is complex, head screwed up. "Time is money". Does this sentence confirm? Some words, that is also the ancient times of imperial examination, at that time the so-called "scholars" ah, what kind of, needless to say, we all know it. What dance, what many go to study assiduously. No one describes the ancients how hard work, one minute to fight for time.

this is really capable of evoking praises and tears. In ancient times, although this approach now seems not to, but if I was born in that time, I would like a madman, admire WenJiQiWu pinching. Not in a worship service, would like to load ten finger in the air of singing.

and when I was in high school, that was also the modern imperial examination system. It killed a lot of people. I have a roommate. Super hard day, get up at 5:30 in the evening, ten days, eight days away and sleep. But he never took part in our small group discussion on some exam questions. It’s always better to have more time to memorize words than to waste the solution to the problem at that time. At that time, we did not contradict or disagree with each other, because we felt that the atmosphere of arguing about these problems was very comfortable. As a result, our discussion group, the science scores are very high, to the satisfaction of the school. And that roommate is sorry to repeat it.

this is probably the first time I’ve realized that information is more important than time. What can be called information? Here, the most appropriate to say is: the dictionary information is based on material medium as the carrier, transmission and reflect the world various things are affecting motion representation.

that is to say, information is the carrier or manifestation of the communication that reflects the laws of things. This year, there is no doubt that this is a society of information. Information, of course, there are many forms of expression, such as empirical information, which is like Wang Shi told you that doing so will certainly be out of second Vanke, which is a message. Of course, or this is not accurate, but for empirical information, who is ahead of other people’s information, who will dominate the field of this industry, becoming the industry leader. This is real money.

and economic information. Well, I think everyone agrees. Yes, whoever holds the economic information will be able to get a handsome sum of money without any effort. Deeply aware of this in addition to those I can not think of any other securities. Therefore, the stamp tax on the industry stamp on the eve of the market, there are many unknown people buy in large quantities. In fact, the information disclosure, this is the securities industry’s unspoken rule. People without such internal information will certainly try their best to get it

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