User experience is the center of gravity, innovative thinking is the way out, flow realization is ki

recently Baidu and update, the author is in many webmaster group immediately after another complain, most of the keywords ranking decline, complain Baidu manual intervention. What’s more, serious doubts about their SEO scores, hard: (pseudo) original, adhere to the update, buy links, for space, in order to cater to Baidu caters to the so-called SEO, continue to pay, one after another, but not "should" return.

the author do stand 5 years of experience, standing in the small and medium-sized website "loser" point of view ", although not statements of a school" "Jiangshan guidance", but also hope that the clouds "".

first of all, webmasters are passionate entrepreneurs who are full of dreams. But at the beginning, many people were showered with so-called Wangzhuan dazzled. All Wangzhuan site is over SEO, even SEO a lot of people do not know what will follow a "tutorial", blind and sad. As is known to all, the website should have a definite position at first. What should I do? How to do it? What should I achieve? What are the short-term goals? 80% of the small and medium-sized webmaster can not answer or say clearly.

so, I’m here to suggest that the most important thing for a website is to do a good job of site, including content, style, search, interaction, and so on, which are designed to give visitors better experience. If a station, in the visitor’s heart left concise and comfortable, I want things very refreshing, three steps can find any page, then this user experience is qualified. Retain users, you can retain traffic, ranking, search engines naturally favor you. This is also the first point I mentioned: "the user experience is the center of gravity", excessive consumption of energy in other areas, and ultimately in vain.

secondly, before I talk about creative thinking, I have to talk about promotion. In fact, most of the promotion is not difficult to do, but it is very cumbersome, very troublesome, especially day after day to do the same thing, boring. So I hope that the webmaster may wish to promote as a systematic project to do, the promotion of the method listed, first planned, combined with effect, cut out the plan, thankless way of promotion.

website gangster two important premise: capital, resources. Most people do not have, we only have passion.

innovation, a small webmaster after all is said and done, no strength, no money, often with a good idea, almost strangled in the cradle. Without execution, innovation is out of the question. The innovations I have here include two things: someone else, I have, my user experience is better; I have, others want to, but it’s hard to do.

so how can I do that? I can only tell you to combine your industry advantage and your own advantages to tap your resource advantage or networking advantage. My friend said to me, "I’m ordinary. I don’t have any advantages.". I said, you drink a lot, and you drink well. He later opened a wine tasting micro-blog at sina and now has around 100 thousand fans.

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