Tell me the story of me and my double bar

I’m 22 years old. I’m a junior

at a Career Technical College in Nanchang

major: mechatronics

hobbies: double stick,

big 2 began self-study web design classroom: Internet cafe

website: double stick video website – double bar bar

here only tells me to do "double stick bar" the process, the writing is not good, may say is the flowing water account.

my first real website was on-line in 2007 March. "The first real Web site" means that I first paid for top-level domains and first paid virtual hosting.


love playing nunchaku, and love of Wangzhuan, through long-term research, finally know the basic process of the station, so to find a program set up the stand, site positioning is the nunchaku nunchaku which collected some video master, and nunchukus teaching video.

March 19, 2007, I have just opened the online banking business card, came to the school near an Internet cafe, opened my carefully selected the cheapest space business home page…… Register the domain name, and select the 100M virtual host…… Click payment, payment amount: 120 yuan…… Confirm…… So I finally have my own top-level domain name and virtual host,


I’m thrilled to have uploaded the website files I’ve tried many times in free space to the new open hosting, and then set the domain name resolution…… I’ve been on the line for a long time, and I’ve been surfing the Internet for 5 hours every day. I’ve been updating websites, adding content, and beautifying pages and publicity…… 3 months later, my web site daily visit IP average 150, in Alexa ranking has reached about 1000000, the mood naturally very gratified……

in July, to the summer vacation, most of the students take care of packed and ready to go home; there are still some students, because of their limited economic conditions at home, must start for the new school year tuition and living expenses plan, and I in them……

I came to Dongguan, an electronics factory in Guangdong with my classmates on the scorching scorching day. I started my part-time job. In the vicinity of the factory although there’s a small cafe, but we have to work every day for 12 hours, every night a class have to lie down on the bed and sleep, usually have no time to manage the website. Well, there’s a day off every week. But I did not expect that the broken Internet conditions so bad, even charge 3 yuan / hour, if you choose a package of Internet, 10 yuan can be 8 hours. So, almost every Sunday after that, I spent my sleep…… Although hard, but to see the increasing number of visitors to the site, I still feel very pleased.

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