What link should the shop do to improve the internal strength

shop from the start operation until now, has two years of time, but until now, still can not be profitable, the boss went to Guangzhou to attend last week by Liebo gale, starry Zhao Yingguang as a guest speaker of the training course, they changed the strategy before, is no longer with the promotions to impact sales but, from the whole company, start, start practicing internal strength, because only do internal optimization, to improve the conversion rate, increase the profit space.

in the classroom, there are people in the industry are given as follows: through analysis and diagnosis to people in the visual aspects of the shops still feel more atmosphere, go to Europe and the United States contracted wind route is no problem, but the main push style customer price is 100-200 yuan, if it is to pay attention to the quality of life of the buyers, the price will feel low quality is not guaranteed, but did not dare to start. Some of the monthly income of 3000 yuan or so consumers will feel the price is too high to accept, so people should be to store location close to high-end consumers, to meet the needs of people to earn the profit is enough to feed this company.

after the boss decided to do as a warning for the future, practicing internal strength, vigorously promote again. After the meeting, the discussion focused on optimizing the following aspects.

take photography outsourcing at first. Before the local models, although there is a certain shooting experience, time is relatively comfortable, but each time only through sunglasses to show the European and American big name temperament, giving the impression that is a bit farfetched. Therefore, it was finally decided that both the external module and the photographic team should be packaged to complete all the projects. It used to be new every Wednesday, now changed to take pictures once a month, 24-30 times each time. The outer pattern of the outer model and the current black style style are comparatively good, and the detailed pictures taken by the photographer will also be more texture.

second is made of high quality fabrics. Before is relatively tangled in the main Mao Mao, coat can only do autumn outfit, if it is to buy the cold north, a bit too thin. So it took half a month to find 800 grams of wheat. Later, after analysis, it came to a conclusion that the suppliers of this fabric were few, and most of the big sellers were basically a fabric and many styles, thus avoiding problems on the fabric. Since the positioning is counter quality, then go to the mall to get others to sell the wool coat to know, the original mall is 600 wool coat material is better Ke Mai, just inside the room, and the two layer, do so out of the feeling effect is relatively thick, and feels soft. Before 800 it made by Ke Mai wool coat will feel relatively tough, comfort is not enough, so, when fabric and process problems, is likely to take the high-end route.

third is a pattern of giving up factory production. Before the factory although also has the size of more than 40 people, two production lines, but is taking the low road, each time to do promotional activities will be sold, but the delivery speed can not keep up, leading to the dynamic score difference, and not what profit.

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