New website promotion summary experience, one month weight goes up to two

friends on the Internet to sell network accelerator, that is, for IP software, the site let me help him do optimization, for many years without contact, optimize these things, try some time, some of the experience to share with you

new website optimization summarizes the following points:

1: Baidu article

Baidu after years of development, there are many of their own projects, are very heavy weight before the stick. Know. Encyclopedia, later index. Library. Experience, etc.. The new website is not well-known in the early stage of the website such as I do now is to play off the accelerator on the market, no one knows you this thing, no one will go to search your keyword, and that is Post Bar tube very serious channel, customers will make relevant deleted. You can send some information before you want to optimize keywords, this will improve the keywords included, but also enhance the Baidu keyword index, here comes a lot of new index, site keywords are not included in the index, so we need to index submitted to Baidu search, many can submit Baidu index website, some will limit IP, can be used for IP software, I submitted a new figure 1

(Figure 1)

can be seen in the figure, the keyword is not included before, we also understand the impact of Baidu keyword index of Baidu keyword weight, not included in the index, it can not be estimated to your weight. So to add some related to your site keywords to index. To check your site statistics in those keywords to flow, can also be added to the index. Look at the contrast between figure 2 and figure 3,.

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

now talking about Library and experience, these two channels do not say more, we all go out of the hair on the relevant information on the line, coolies always live to do.

two: software website chapter

software to do their software submitted to the well-known software download site, submit the general under the website (some are at the top). Not listed, you can go to Baidu search, remember to find the weight of high station software oh.

software submission should also pay attention to a few points

1: security certification, you can first submit the software to the 360 computer, housekeeper and other sites, through the certification of your submission software included will be of great help.

2: software introduced in detail, you can also add some software features, support sites, such as

3: has many well-known software station, no software release function, or submitted not included, we can add some related QQ group, find the website responsible for you included, there are many Daniel in the group.

(Figure 4)

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