Pat the micro shop can tie WeChat public number and set wholesale prices, how attractive to the sell

recently, a relatively attractive Internet attention to me, it should be considered a micro shop.


October 14th, pat announced that the network will be officially patted the recent pat pat online all businesses and individuals open businesses. This is believed by the public opinion, Jingdong began to use the strength of Tencent WeChat, in the mobile terminal to attack Taobao, Taobao’s share will not have a small impact.

a lot of macro analysis and discussion has been a lot, then I first from the micro shop backstage module, in the micro details of the point of view of a personal point of view for micro stores and Taobao PK trends.

ordinary QQ is currently unable to directly enter the micro shop backstage, but also need to apply for the opening.

because of the previous operation of the electricity supplier, I have patted the seller’s account, so you can go directly to the micro store management platform.


login, you can see the background interface, some basic functions.

below a "public accounts" column attracted my interest, that is, pat micro shop can bind WeChat public accounts. What kind of synchronization will be achieved after being bundled? What effect does it bring? The imagination here can be very large.


micro store bundled public accounts are required to authenticate the public number. We know, now WeChat public number certification threshold is relatively high.

, then the certification here is to use the pat seller identity can be directly certified, or is it necessary to have an authentication number and then bound?. Because I do not have a special public number, you can go to bundle, so did not go deep into the study, there are beginning operations, micro shop friends can step in this step into the operation to see.

I think, and WeChat public number of bundles, for pat shop promotion and customer management, is a very meaningful thing, far greater than the micro Amoy for Taobao store role.

micro Amoy is based on the mobile phone Taobao, and most of the mobile phone Taobao will only have a shopping demand when you log in.

but WeChat is different. As a social tool, the frequency is very high. According to statistics, WeChat active users have begun to exceed the mobile phone QQ, and WeChat users viscosity even more than QQ.

if it is with the late perfect, pat micro shop and WeChat public number combination, will bring a lot of value to the seller, push the arrival rate and timeliness of information is certainly much better than mobile phone Taobao.

, the marketing channel between Taobao and WeChat, has long been cut off. In 2013, Taobao stopped all data links between Taobao and WeChat in the name of "security" and was not allowed

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