Three profitable directions of local gateways

1. local portal, the media form more easily by users and advertisers to accept, and part of the online advertising market has been through the Enlightenment period, have a certain awareness, at the same time, most of the local site is in the hands of traditional industry hand, relatively speaking, the media business more easily. On the one hand is the most easily break the market, on the other hand is the best field. From a practical point of view, the transformation of existing products to expand the local website is difficult, information products dominate the situation will continue, whether it is news reading, community exchange, information search, and the nature of radio and TV, print media and other traditional media. The main business of media management is advertising.

2. network products regional sales, promotion agents and distributors

product sales revenue is composed of the sales revenue of each regional site have a lot of marketing resources and marketing resources, and have a certain brand awareness, user stickiness, to the development of agents and distributors.

a few doors with offices in around 720000, engaged in SP business website, product sales, the number is about 150. Some professional online games companies, SP since 03 years into the local market to seek partners, regional sites have not yet become climate, still mainly based on traditional media. A large number of professional network companies are single product network companies. Without sufficient capital to open up regional markets, they must resort to regional agent channels.

Internet towards a comprehensive community development platform, let more Internet products number of high-speed development, the formation of a large number of operating income segments of the market, income gratifying, such as wireless, network education, online games, e-commerce, digital music, online video, online recruitment, tourism etc.. IResearch 2006 "Chinese Network Economy Research Report" pointed out that in 2005 the market size of the overall market for mobile value-added 10 billion 200 million, 4 billion 700 million online games, online recruitment 800 million, digital music 72 million, and by 2008 will reach 31 billion 700 million mobile value-added, network game online recruitment 9 billion 600 million, 2 billion 280 million, 383 million of the size of digital music.

and other products, network products marketing channels specialization, regionalization is sooner or later, should seize this opportunity. Some of the communications operators background website especially has the advantage in this respect, this kind of website in the early stages of development, on the one hand, due to the lack of media management experience, team, unable to obtain substantial advertising revenue, on the other hand, telecom operators in a large number of users through the Internet to support the Lai industrial economy to maintain themselves, the source of income mainly from the construction enterprise website, hosting service, SP and network value-added service charges on behalf of, with the expansion of Internet products and the size of the market, the commercial value of the benefit, this will bring more users to scale.

3. local portal network products integrated service providers: local lines of traditional products and services combine, will produce >

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