Sharing tourism local website construction mentality and website localization analysis

with the development of electronic commerce, tourism development has also brought unprecedented climax to the local tourism industry point of view, many tourism enterprises are local, traditional local tourism is a lack of information, secondly, in many areas of e-commerce is still little knowledge of the state, the author present a maintenance a small tourist site, today to share with you all, tourism site operation idea and mode of operation, good gossip short continued we entered, share ideas and construction site positioning tourism local site analysis.

first, tourism site must be very clear the site of users is what? The first point actually jargon of site location, such as their travel site is around Xi’an spa tourism, needless to say to the user group of nature is around Xi’an friends, because of the warm springs is healthy, natural, leisure products for all ages. Different individuals, the website set up at the beginning, respectively according to different age as the starting point, to provide different hot springs leisure way for different age groups, such as children can provide for children to prepare the water park, middle-aged people can provide water tea, male man soup, women woman soup and so on. The author believes that the specific division of the hot springs in accordance with their own layout and characteristics, followed by the characteristics of the audience groups, targeted recommend the most appropriate products.

second, through its own hot spring travel network, for the Xi’an surrounding customers to provide the latest information. It is also very important, now people travel price is one of the most core factor to consider, cost-effective way of consumption is the most worthy of recommendation, such as the eleven golden week, Labor Day latest hot spring tourism information can not be less natural, then mid autumn family travel, leisure travel and so on every weekend tourism leisure should not only consider the customer’s travel schedule, to launch the holidays according to different characteristics of the service, this is the core, as travel tours and travel reference is not less than the site, not just in the warm springs as the core, because many of my friends go to a local tourism in addition to local characteristics besides, the surrounding environment and other tourist attractions are curious about what they want and what these details to the information reflected in the form of website. Intentions, professional, is a good tourist site of the most basic issues.

third, expanding publicity to attract more tourists is fundamental. After doing the basic work station, the next step is to promote, in fact the promotion or a careful heart problems, such as the SEO optimization according to the line selection of suitable long tail word is optimized for different local attractions are optimized for the holidays to choose the long tail word for flow optimization in fact it is considered search needs all the users in the form to meet their needs so as to achieve the purpose of SEO optimization, in addition to SEO, Baidu auction, marketing, news source soft pay promotion and so on can be considered in, after all our purpose is very clear to allow more users to understand our website, there will be global.

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